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in aid of Cancer Research UK, registered charity no. 1089464
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This competition has been run for fun and as a fund raiser by the Haslemere Local Committee of Cancer Research UK. Please click for full resultsWE HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT!

The winners were:

Mr Peter Hatch, Grayshott 53.6 points 52.50
Mr Keith Mayson, Hindhead 52.5 points 15.00
Mr Nick Butt, Grayshott 51.8 points 7.50

An honourable mention also goes to Hampshire RU Referees and the Irving family who held the first four places between them, before the Total Match Points scaling was applied.  They all predicted 2950 points or more.  In the event, the total for the competition was only 2478 (357 less than 2003) and they all slipped back as a result.  Cheques will be in the post to the winners in the next few days,

The competition also attracted donations and the total raised for Cancer Research UK was 95 - a little disappointing compared with 2003, but thank you to all who took part. 

We also apologise for the delay in posting the final results.  The only excuse is the time it took to get back from a thrilling match in Paris.

About the competition

The organisers have no connection with the organisers of Rugby World Cup 2007.  This web space is donated. You can see the rules here.   The challenge was to predict the result of each match in the 2007 Rugby World Cup finals, to be held in France (with some matches in Cardiff and Edinburgh) between 7th September and 20th October.  Points were awarded for the following:

  1. The result of each match (team A wins, team B wins, draw) 

  2. Which teams will be the semi-finalists

  3. The finalists and their scores

  4. Finally, an estimate of the total points scored in the 48 matches in the tournament. In 2003, the total was 2835.

The fee was 5.00 per entry. Half of the money contributed went to Cancer Research UK, and the other half was divided in the proportions 7:2:1 between the best three entries.

Please alert us to any problems, using the blog page.

Latest update: 22 October 2007 at 23:55